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While learning in this class, I have had many meaningful learning experiences. These come from internal and external lessons that have been taught to me. In both sections of FIQWS, I was exposed to challenging, yet reasonable tasks that challenged my comprehension and analysis of stories and how I can connect them to bigger and more meaningful topics. These topics dove deeper than I thought they would while taking this course. 


The different stories that we have read as a class have had many different rhetorical situations and themes. For instance, Books such as “Call it Sleep” and stories such as “Jewish Food” are clearly going to have different meanings that are expressed in completely different ways. This is an important concept because it is meaningful to understand the different viewpoints of writing. There are pieces in this course that have different meanings. While some stories are written to portray experiences of struggle, there are some stories that are meant to display the customs and traditions of different religions, cultures and ethnicities 


 In terms of my individual writing, collaboration with others have allowed me to greatly improve my writing in this course. In particular, the peer review process of papers 1 and 2 I believe have greatly allowed for me to have great insight on an outside point of view on my paper. This has made my writing improve for paper 3, and  from now on in other courses as I hope to continue this strategy. In addition, this connects to strategies of how I develop strategies for reading, analyzing and collaborating on others’ work. Working with others in this case has improved my personal skills in providing constructive criticism when I feel it is necessary. This is a useful skill that I will continue to value for the rest of my time in college, and beyond.


 Another aspect of my writing that has improved due to this course is my rhetorical analysis and usage in my writing. The way that the essays in this course are structured have allowed me to form better and more insightful papers. This is due to the many different types of stories included in this course. Being able to correctly analyze the different quotes and understand their rhetorical meaning is crucial for the interpretation of the texts and developing strong essays with relevant viewpoints on the quote or the text as a whole. 

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