Essay 2 reflection

Jake Brenner 


Reflection of argumentative essay 


1. The process of working through this assignment was rather difficult. Initially, it took a good amount of time deciding what Story I wanted to write about. I decided to choose “Call it sleep” because it was the Piece i felt most comfortable with and I thought it was the most impactful story that holds valuable lessons and connections to today’s world. Also, I changed my thesis statement multiple times, whether that was specific wording or overall resructre and change of focus on a certain part of the piece. In addition, I feel as though identifying what specific pieces of evidence I wanted to use was difficult because of the various options of what types of experiences that I can write about. 

2.  The part of this assignment that I found most valuable was the connection to the real world. In today’s society the difficulties that face immigrants are extremely difficult and overlooked by many. The compassion and knowledge that can be obtained by working on this assignment only continues to open my eyes to the issues that these people face in hopes of a better life. 

3.  The main difference between completing this assignment and the family narrative assignment is the personal aspect that was missing from this assignment. The family narrative assignment allowed for much more freedom to be had when writing. It is our story, and the only way for it to be analyzed is the way that we experienced it. While writing about another story, we need to argue from an outside perspective and create an analysis that could conflict from the way that the author meant for it to be written. WHile I feel like I analyzed the piece well, there is still a chance that I argued against some of the purpose of the author. 

4. The most challenging part about this assignment was choosing what pieces of evidence to include in my argument. The Story of David is extremely complex, and making sure I chose significant passages is crucial for my argument. Without significant quotes, my argument would not be sufficient, leading to a paper that does not represent the significance of the story. 

5. There are not any modifications that I would make to this assignment. I feel as though it is open-ended enough for everyone to have their own original argument, and the assignment does not become repetitive where there are many ways to sufficiently respond to the assignment.