Essay 3 reflection

Jake Brenner 

Paper 3 reflection 

Due 12/6

Prof N.

How did this assignment go for you?  How did it compare with working on the argumentative essay on one text (Paper 2)? Discuss any obstacles you faced, as well as what went smoothly in the process of writing.

This assignment was fairly difficult because it covered more than 1 story, in comparison to our other essay which only focused on 1 text. Now gathering and analyzing evidence from 2 texts that I had to make sure compared nicely to eacother and my thesis statement was rather difficult. This made it harder than working on paper 2. The freedom to use whatever different texts we wanted in this paper became ovewwhelming, and I felt I lacked the structure that I needed to complete the paper properly. Paper 2 being based on only one text allowed for me to give greater enthasis on the development of my thesis and claims without worrying about having a second text to compare to. 

A part of the writing process that went smoothly was deciding my thesis and the supporting claims that I was going to use. This is because the two stories, “Call it Sleep” and “What Must I Say to you” both have clear messages about immigrants in American society. The life choices that the characters make allowed for my essay to come rather easy, and the claims made it so that my essay had flow and portrayed a clear argument for my claim.